The Routledge International Handbook of Contemporary Muslim Socio-Political Thought

The Routledge International Handbook of Contemporary Muslim Socio-Political Thought

Edited By Lutfi Sunar

ISBN 9780367699130

Published August 31, 2021 by Routledge

508 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations

Copyright Year 2022

This volume unfolds the ebbs and flows of Muslim thought in different regions of the world, as well as the struggles between the different intellectual discourses that have surfaced against this backdrop. With a focus on Turkey, Egypt, Iran and the Indian subcontinent – regions that, in spite of their particular histories and forms of thought, are uniquely placed as a mosaic that illustrates the intertwined nature of the development of Muslim socio-political thought – it sheds light on the swing between right and left in different regions, the debates surrounding nationalism, the influence of socialism and liberalism, the rise of Islamism and the conflict between state bureaucracy and social movements. Exploring themes of civil society and democracy, it also considers current trends in Muslim thought and possible future directions. As such, it will appeal to scholars across the fields of sociology, anthropology, political science, history and political economy, as well as those with interests in the study of religion, the development of Muslim thought, and the transformation of Muslim societies in recent decades.

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction

Contemporary Thought in Muslim Societies: Renewal, Diversification, and Transformation

Lutfi Sunar

Section I: Facing with the Modernity

1. Turkish Modernization as a Historical and Sociological Issue

Mahmut Hakkı Akın

2. Discussions on Tradition and Civilization in Egypt

Gökhan Bozbaş

3. Iranians’ Intellectual Confrontation with the Modern West and Modernity

M. Mansur Hashemi

4. Debates on Tradition and Modernity in the Sub-Continent

Tauseef Ahmad Parray

Section II: Religion, Society and Politics

5. The Formation and Various Forms of Conservatism in Turkey

Mahmut Hakkı Akın

6. Formation of Contemporary Islamic Thought in Egypt: New Pursuits in Islamic Legal andPolitical Thought

Özgür Kavak

7. Different Forms of Religious Thought in Modern Iran

Forough Jahanbakhsh

8. The Voices of Islamic Modernism from South Asia

M. A. Muqtedar Khan and Ibrahim Enes Aksu

Section III: Islam in Political Sphere

9. Rethinking Islamism in Turkey: Beyond Conservative or Modernist Rejectionism

Vahdettin Işık

10. The Adventure of Islamism in Egypt: A Political System-Based Analysis

Muhammed Hüseyin Mercan

11. Islamism and Post-Islamism in Iran

Yadullah Sahibzadeh

12. Islam in the Indian Subcontinent with Particular Reference to Pakistan

Abdul Rashid Moten

Section IV: Making of the Nation State and Changing Forms of Nationalism

13. The Emergence and Progress of Nationalism in Turkey: From Imperialism to the Global Age

Öner Buçukcu

14. Arab Nationalism: Emergence, Development, and Regression

Ismail Numan Telci

15. Nationalism in Iran: Nation-State, Nation Building, and the Iranian Identity

Nail Elhan

16. The Transition of Islamic Thought on Nation States in the Indian Subcontinent

Omair Anas

Section V: The Rise and Demise of Socialism

17. The Adventure of Socialism in Turkey

Öner Buçukcu

18. The Left and Working-Class Movement in Egypt – A Review Using the 2011 Uprising Lens and Thereafter

Heba F. El-Shazli

19. The Historical Trajectory of the Left in 20th-Century Iran: Trends, Debates, and Groups

Agah Hazir

20. The Place of Socialism in Muslim Thought in South Asia

Muhammad Reza Kazimi

Section VI: Liberalism and Muslim Liberal Thought

21. Liberalism in Turkey: An Incomplete Story

Hamit Emrah Beriş

22. Liberal Thought and Politics in Egypt

M. Tahir Kılavuz

23. Rowshan Fekran-e Dini (New Religious Thinkers) and the Institution of Velayat-e Faqih: Crossing the Rubicon of Islamic Law and Venturing into Discourses on Human Rights

Janet Afary

24. Liberal Trends in the Contemporary Muslim Indian Subcontinent

S. M. Mehboobul Hassan Bukhari

Section VII: State, Civil Society and Democracy

25. Reproduction of Religious Thought in Turkey: Major Milestones and State-Society Relations

Necdet Subaşı

26. Imagining Egypt in Postnormal Times: The State of War

Heba Raouf Ezzat

27. The Concept of Islamic Republic in Iran: Before and After the Revolution

Serhan Afacan

28. Discussions on Democracy and Islamic States: A Study on the Discourses of Mawdudi, Israr Ahmed, and Ghamidi

M. Faisal Awan

Section VIII: Current Trends and Future Directions

29. A Panoramic View of Contemporary Turkish Thought: Historical Developments and Current Trends

Lutfi Sunar

30. Contemporary Trends in Egyptian Intellectual Movements

Muhammed Suleyman Alzawawy

31. Mapping the Trends in Iranian Social, Cultural, Religious, and Political Thought from the Post-1979 Era to the Present

Peyman Eshaghi

32. Political Economy of Islam and Its Manifestation in Pakistan: Past, Present, and Future

Ahsan Shafiq